Youth Report

Well you can't say our away games are not different this season. Cornwall away, Devon and now West Wales at Whitland and we get told at about 7.45 Sunday morning that Ferris coaches had been caught up in the floods from the river Taff. So, with a fast bit of organizing by Giovanna we got almost everyone at the venue on time by car. In the end it was worth the hassle of getting there with Glamorgan youth coming away with a 11-4 win. First up for the U18s was Ioan Jones who won his game 3-0 with a 12.74 average. Ciaran Price then won 3-0 with a 17.68 average. Ben Carr then had an unusual off day losing 3-1 with a 19.73 average. Ethan Haymes got back to winning ways 3-1 with a 15.34 average. Evan Wishart then produced the man of the match performance winning 3-0 with a 23.86 average. Ben Sears kept up the pace winning 3-0 with a 22.77 average hitting a 180 on the way. Liam Butler made it a convincing win with a 3-0 win and a 18.79 average. The u18s winning 6-1.The girls got off to a great start with a lady of the match performance from newly recruited senior team member Jordenn Daniels who won her game 3-1 with a 13.41 average. Shannon Jones carried on her great season winning 3-0 with a 13.18 average. Ffion James although having the highest average came up short 2-3 with a 16.76 average. The girls winning 2-1. The U21s didn't get off to a great start with captain Josh Davies going down 3-0 with a 20.97 average. Cavan Phillips Wales's newest senior player brought us level with a man of the match performance with a 3-0 and a 27.33 average win. Bleddyn Lyons danced his way to a 3-0 win and a 20.04 average. Jak Phillips spoilt a good average missing doubles but won 3-0 and a 14.18 average. A great game to finish the day where Dylan Everson took out a 126 finish but couldn't take the final double and came up short 2-3 with a 19.31 average. Average matches played. Ethan Cawley lost 0-2 with a 15.96. Kelsey Rogers lost 2-0 with a 9.73 average. Holly Pring lost 0-2 with a 9.24 average. Rob Collins won 2-0 with a 18.56 average. Thanks to our hosts in West Wales for looking after us all day. Congratulations to Cavan Phillips selected for Wales seniors. Also, to Jordenn Daniels on selection to Glamorgan seniors. Also, to Ffion James and Liam Butler selected to play for Wales youth in British internationals and to Ben Carr as stand by. See you all at Cornwall home on March 15th.CYMRU AM BYTH.

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