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Youth Report

With coronavirus in everyone’s minds our game went ahead as normal against Cornwall. As usual they came well supported but unfortunately they were two short in the u18s so we were given a two point start and, as it turned out we were lucky in the end to come away with a hard earned 4-3 win to keep our challenge for the section alive. Ben Sears had the hard job of going first again winning 3-0 with a 15.66 average. Liam Butler went down 2-3 with a 19.38 average. Evan Wishart then went down 1-3 with a 19.12 average. Ben Carr then went down 1-3 with a 22.27 average. Ciaran Price then quietly pounced on stage to win his match hitting a 180 and a fantastic 170 out on his way to a man of the match performance winning 3-1 and an 18.37 average. The u18s winning 4-3. The girls had a top of the league battle and came up short losing 1-2. Ffion James winning her game 3-1 with a lady of the match performance and a 14.29 average. Shannon Jones lost her game 1-3 with a 13.18 average. Although Jordenn Daniels had the highest average she lost her game 2-3 with a 19.24 average. The U21s are top of their section for a reason and it showed why. First to the oche was senior player and welsh senior international Cavan Phillips who strolled through his game 3-0 with a man of the match 25.05 average. Bleddyn Lyons was next up winning also 3-0 with a 22.43. Josh Davies kept the clean sheets going with a 3-0 win and a 20.88 average. Dylan Everson kept the run going winning 3-2 hitting a 180 and an average of 22.63. Jak (poison arrow) Phillips was last to the oche and hitting a 180 on his way to a 3-1 win and a 19.94 average. The u21s winning 5-0.The overall score was a very pleasing 10-5. In the average games there were: Ethan Haymes 3-1, 20.76average.  Scott James 1-3, 17.93 average. Ioan Jones 3-0 with a 17.89 average. Also 0-2, 17.89 average.  Holly Pring 2-0, 9.36 average.  Kelsey Rogers 0-2, 9.11 average.  Rob Collins 2-1, 16.16 average.  Sion Russell 0-2, 16.12 average.  Ethan Cawley 2-0 with a 23.30 average.

Thank you to Garin Roderick for helping with the refereeing duties. Thanks to Jan and Margaret in the kitchen keeping us all fed and watered all day. Thanks to Paul for the staging. Thanks to the bar staff. Thanks to Grandma Kay who wasn't very well but never fails. Thanks to Bethan and Ffion for helping on the computer. Thanks to Catherine Butler for selling the raffle. Thanks to Evan Wishart for reffing the average matches. Thanks to Jack for helping to take staging down. Anyone i missed out i apologize. It just goes to show how much of a team we are. Thanks to all family and supporters that came to watch. Hope to see you for Devon on 5th March. Good luck to Cavan Phillips, Liam Butler and Ffion James representing Wales in British Internationals in Skegness. Cymru am Byth

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