Game 1

Hampshire MA v Glamorgan MA
Hampshire MB v Glamorgan MB
Hampshire WA v Glamorgan WA
Hampshire WB v Glamorgan WB

Game 2

Glamorgan MA v Cheshire MA
Glamorgan MB v Cheshire MB
Glamorgan WA v Cheshire WA
Glamorgan WB v Cheshire WB

Game 3

Essex MA v Glamorgan MA
Essex MB v Glamorgan MB
Essex WA v Glamorgan WA
Essex WB v Glamorgan WB

Game 4

Glamorgan MA v Lancashire MA
Glamorgan MB v Lancashire MB
Glamorgan WA v Lancashire WA
Glamorgan WB v Lancashire WB

Game 5

Lincolnshire MA v Glamorgan MA
Lincolnshire MB v Glamorgan MB
Lincolnshire WA v Glamorgan WA
Lincolnshire WB v Glamorgan WB

Game 6

Glamorgan MA v Yorkshire MA
Glamorgan MB v Yorkshire MB
Glamorgan WA v Yorkshire WA
Glamorgan WB v Yorkshire WB

Game 7

Glamorgan MA v Warwickshire MA
Glamorgan MB v Warwickshire MB
Glamorgan WA v Warwickshire WA
Glamorgan WB v Warwickshire WB
Northamptonshire MA v Glamorgan MA

Game 8

Northamptonshire MB v Glamorgan MB
Northamptonshire WA v Glamorgan WA
Northamptonshire WB v Glamorgan WB

Game 9

Glamorgan MA v West Midlands MA
Glamorgan MB v West Midlands MB
Glamorgan WA v West Midlands WA
Glamorgan WB v West Midlands WB

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